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Coaching and Training Plans
for Running and Nutrition

Wings of Hermes Coaching Plans
for Running and Nutrition

Wings of Hermes coaching plans for running and nutrition are all custom-designed to achieve your goal, whether it's to increase distance, improve time, lose weight or just continuously improve running and nutrition. 

For all plans, you can expect daily input and monitoring in the beginning, then weekly as you progress, with progress tracked and shared through running and nutrition mobile apps. Monthly sessions will then deep-dive into specific results, challenges and next levels of goals and planning.

You Get the Expertise, Organization, Motivation and Resources You Need to Reach Your Goals. And You Can Discontinue Any Time with 30 Days Notice.

  • Endurance Running

    Every month
    Setting & Achieving Goals, for Beginner to Ultra-Marathoner
    • Plans to help you achieve personal running goals
    • Training plan uploaded into V.02, daily training app
    • Workouts uploaded to Garmin watch guide you through training
    • Training plans modifiable to balance with life and needs
    • Communications & coaching through app and texts
    • As many free 15-min video conferences as needed for coaching
  • Nutrition Coaching

    Every month
    Guided and Tracked Success, from Weight Loss to Custom Goals
    • Food journal, daily weight check-ins, constant communication
    • Understanding eating habits, and modifying to reach goals
    • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Contact and Monitoring
    • EverFit app used to track progress, shared with trainer
  • Running & Nutrition

    Every month
    Discount on Combining Coaching for Both Running & Nutrition
    • Personal evaluation of running and nutrition goals
    • Personal training plan, modifiable to changes in life
    • V.02 and EverFit apps used to monitor, track and communicate
    • Constant contact and coaching available through apps & texts
  • 12-14 Week Training Block

    For runners that have a base, let’s get you ready for a specific race.
    Valid for 14 weeks
    • Want to prep for a specific race?
    • I’ll write all of your workouts and load them to your V.02
    • Workouts are loaded to your watch for pace-guidance
    • You can reach out with questions anytime, I respond promptly
    • Together we'll get you ready for race day!
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