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Fresno, CA or Virtually


Oscar Mendoza,
Boston Marathon Qualifier

Oscar Mendoza is Your Personal Marathon and Nutrition Coach, In Fresno, CA or Virtually to Anywhere

About Oscar, Personally

Hello, my name is Oscar. I’m a certified running and nutrition coach with a passion for fitness and healthy living. As a long-distance endurance athlete, I understand how difficult it is to perform at your best on race day.


The road won’t be easy, but with proper training, nutrition, and preparation principles, together we’ll get you to the start line in tip top shape. Come train with me!

- Oscar Mendoza

About Wings of Hermes Training Services

Wings of Hermes running and nutrition services provide personal planning, coaching, monitoring and motivation to help you reach your goal, whether it is to run your first 5k, achieve a PR on your next marathon, or lose 20 pounds and get fit with a nutrition and fitness plan. 

Rely on my competitive marathoning and nutrition expertise, plus a unique gift of connection, to not only achieve your goal, but to also make the journey to joy.


Three Simple Plans for Running and Nutrition Coaching,
All Personalized to Your Goals and Constantly Connected Through User-Friendly Apps

Pack of Runners

Training for Your First 5k, Half Marathon Training, or Marathon Training. What to Expect?

5k & 10k Training

Whether you want to run your first 5k, or perhaps you've ran a small race and want to improve your endurance and speed, together we'll build a solid foundation in your fitness journey!

Half Marathon Training

Perhaps you've built up your endurance tank and have your sights set on a future marathon, let's continue to build up your foundation and base while hitting a PR on a half marathon race!

Marathon Coaching

This type of training is not for the feint of heart, but you'll learn so much about yourself throughout the process. You'll also build up a massive endurance tank and push your fitness to new levels along the way. Let's get you ready for race day. Come train with me!

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